About Stephen Reses Pharmacy

Stephen Reses Pharmacy has been serving the needs of Pomona, New Jeresey, for over 38 years. We're committed to providing the most customer-focused service to the residents of Pomona and surrounding communities. Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to serve you.

Our pharmacy is only minutes away - drive by and visit us! Click the store map link at the top of the page for a convenient map of our location. We're only five minutes from Egg Harbor and Absecon. You'll like our friendly staff and service - it's worth the drive! Visit our Hallmark Card Department where you will find unusual gifts and fresh Russel Stover Candies. We also have Yankee Candles available along with a unique selection of unusual gifts.

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Our Associates

Our friendly and courteous staff is helpful and it always a pleasure to serve you!

  • Stephen, B.Sc. - R.Ph. - Registered Pharmacist
  • Frank, B.Sc. - R.Ph. - Registered Pharmacist
  • Lori-Jo - Pharmacy Technician
  • Roni - General Manager Health & Beauty Aids
  • Doris - File Department Stock Assistant
  • Lynn - Asst General Manager - Medical Equipment & Billing
  • Joyce - Customer Service Rx Department

Stephen Reses Pharmacy Associates

Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are always ready to answer your questions. We provide old fashioned service at its best. We honor all prescription cards, including all Medicare plans. You can easily transfer your prescription to our pharmacy, just contact us for more information or click the "Transfer a Prescription" link on the left to begin the process. You can also renew your prescription online 24/7 and our website contains a number of links to drug and health information.

Stephen & Frank, B.Sc. R.P. Registered Pharmacists

Stephen Reses Pharmacy Pharmacists